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California grown
Also called May Apple,
Japanese medlar, and Japanese plum
Also called May Apple,
Japanese medlar, and Japanese plum

In Japan, the fruit are called “biwa.” In Mandarin Chinese, the name is “pipa.”
People in some European countries such as Spain, Italy, and Sweden,
call the loquat fruit “nispero,” “nipero,” “nespoli,” or “mespel.”
In Portugal, the fruit is called “nęspera,” “magnório,” “magnesia,” or “manganium.”
In Brasil, it’s called Ameixa-amarela (which translates to Yellow plum).
In some African countries, they are called “daidai,” “ukukhangela,” or “kupoteza.”
In the Middle East they are called “acadinias.”
In the Slavik areas, they are called “mišpule.”
In Hungary, “japán naspolya.”

Anyone who wants loquat fruit in these quantities
can place their request with us via email
when fruit is still available in the quantity being requested
and not already spoken for.

Pounds Price/lb Amount
100 $10.00 $1000.00
200 $9.50 $1900
300 $9.25 $2775
400 $9.00 $3600
500* $8.90 $4450
600* $8.80 $5280
700* $8.70 $6090
800* $8.65 $6920
900* $8.60 $7740
1000* $8.55 $8550
over 1000* $8.50 ?????

*Requests for 500 pounds or more has to be prearranged and agreed to in advance prior to April 15.

Put your request in with payment no later than May 15,
unless We still have fruit available.

Subject to availability
We reserve the right to refuse any request or order.
Prices subject to change without notice.
We reserve the right to package fruit in any manner at Our discretion.

It is the buyer's responsibility
to arrange pickup and delivery service,
unless We otherwise agreed to make the arrangements.

Organically Grown
  • Our loquat fruit are organically grown although not certified as such.
    We choose not to be certified (governed or controlled).
  • We do not use toxic and persistent chemical pesticides and fertilizers.
  • We replenish and maintain soil fertility using various manures, leaves, lawn cuttings, and forest products.
  • We encourage worms to flourish in the soil in return enrich the soil with their castings.
  • Our land is biologically diverse and naturally balanced.
  • We do not use artificial ingredients, preservatives or irradiation.
  • We have no weeds, only live ground covers that indicate when watering is needed.
  • Our farming techniques do not disturb the natural cycle of the earth's delicate ecosystem.
  • We do not use tractors or implements, therefore, We have no use for polluting fossil fuels.

Loquat fruit can be kept in commercial storage
in good condition for 3 to 4 weeks
at just above 0 °C [32 °F] and
2 weeks at 10 °C [50 °F]

Retail outlets should display the loquat fruit
on refrigerated shelfs at 5 to 12 °C (41 to 54 şF).

Each stackable produce box will have
a minimum net weight of 10 pounds
of loosely packed fruit with stems.

Some boxes may contain field run fruit kept in clusters.
Each box will contain an assortment of fruit from various trees
and will vary in size, shape, color, and taste.

Some fruit may be sweeter and others may be more tart
or may have a little different taste.
Keep in mind that bigger is not always better.

Each box may contain various types of cushioning material
to absorb some shock or vibration while in transit or in handling.

You can have the fruit picked up
at Our location by a refrigerated truck.

To maintain fruit stability, the fruit must be kept at temperatures no less than 33ºF
and no warmer than 60ºF.  Preferred range is 34ºF to 38ºF

Our location will be provided upon request.

We can place 30 to 42 boxes per pallet
which is 300 to 420 pounds of fruit with stems.

Provide a Pallet for each 300 to 420 pounds of fruit.

If you want Us to deliver the fruit to a certain place in Our area
for pickup such as Fowler Packing or Sanger Packing,
there will be an additional charge of $25 per 300 pounds.
$25 minimum charge for deliveries less than 300 lbs.

Grocery stores, markets, and retaurants
should have the loquat fruit kept in chilled areas
to insure quality.

We prefer a minimum of five working-days
advanced notice for each request.

Click on button or Send eMail to:

We will begin accepting requests for fruit on:

April 15

Early orders will be filled when the fruit has turned a golden yellow color,  
usually during the first part of May depending on the weather.  
Requests will be filled on a first-come basis.  
The harvest season usually ends at the end of May or first part of June.  
Requests received after May 15 may be refused; unless, fruit is still available.

In 2018, We started picking on May 1 but there was only enough fruit ripe enough, initially, to fill only three boxes. More fruit ripened after receiving some hot weather. The loquat fruit season was about a week or two later than previous years. Also, some fruit were smaller compared to other years. Some had no seed pits. The last day We were accepting requests was May 23 and the last picking day was May 30.

In 2017, We started picking and filling some requests on April 24, stopped accepting requests on May 18, and the last picking day was May 30.

In 2016, We started picking and filling some requests on April 27 and the last picking day May 31.

In 2015, We started filling some requests on May 4 and the last picking day was May 18. Because of the sudden extreme heat and smaller crop, the season was shorter.

In 2014, We started filling some special requests on April 21 and 29 and officially started the picking season on Monday, May 5.   The official last picking day was May 20. However, some remaining requests were filled Tuesday, May 27, and Wednesday, May 28. Temperatures of 95 to over 100 degrees from May 13 to May 16 accelerated the ripening of the fruit.

In 2013, We officially began picking on Monday, May 13.  
Last picking day was May 22.
Any requests or orders for fruit after May 21 were returned or refunded.  
We had a lot more requests for fruit but the crop was much smaller.

In 2012, We began picking on Monday, May 21.   Last picking day was June 11.  

In 2011, We began picking on Monday, May 16.   Our last picking day was Monday, June 6.   As of June 12, We did not receive any hot weather that was 90ºor hotter.   Our last orders went out at end of June.

In 2010, We began picking on Monday, May 24.   Some fruit were ripe to pick and some were still green or just starting to turn color from green to yellow.   California did not have any hot days until the end of May.   We normally start picking about a week after We receive some hot weather.   Every year is different.   This year has been much cooler than other years.   We normally pick on a Monday so that you would have the package(s) before the weekend.   Once We start picking, the season will last for about three to four weeks.

In 2009, picking began on May 4

In 2008, picking began on May 9
Picking season ended June 2.
We had a heat wave from May 16 to May 20
with record breaking temperatures
of 103 degrees and greater on May 17.

In 2007, picking began on May 8
and ended on May 29.

In 2006, We were out of fruit for sale on May 21

In 2004, We were out of fruit for sale on May 19

Payment Information
We accept
Cashier's check, Postal Money Orders.
We also accept
personal and business checks
Make checks and money orders
payable to "Jack Slevkoff"
We no longer accept credit cards due to credit card fraud and identity theft.

For payment via
PayPal, see. information below.
No Western Union.

We now accept payment via PayPal.
PayPal charges a fee for this service.
Be sure to
add 4% to total to defray PayPal fees
so it does not come out of the amount We are to receive.

If you have a PayPal account,
go ahead and make the payment.
to Our account which is

If you do not have a PayPal account,
please let Us know via email so that We can set up an invoice on PayPal
and have PayPal send it to you via your email address.
When you receive the invoice, just follow PayPal's instructions
and make payment accordingly for the amount We indicate.
You do not have to be a PayPal member to make payment.

Let Us know via email that payment has been made.
Be sure to indicate what you are requesting,
the amount and costs, provide destination information,
name, and phone number.

Email us at:

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Our mailing location is:

Jack Slevkoff's Free Enterprises
LoquatWorld.com Division
c/o 4460 West Shaw Avenue, Suite 140
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California [Zip Exempt]

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Do not use "CA" or zip.
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