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from the loquat Tree (Eriobotrya japonica)
also called May Apple, Japanese medlar, 
and/or Japanese plum

Leaves vary in length from 6" to over 16"

Make your own tea or remedy from Our leaves.
Prices and info are listed below.

Loquat is pronounced: "LOH-kwaht"

The leaves from the loquat tree are sometimes used like tea or substituted for tea.  Many people claim to receive certain benefits from the leaves.  People in China and Japan especially claim special healing benefits from the loquat leaves the Chinese traditionally call "pi pa ye."  Some of those benefits are mentioned on this wepage and other web sites. 


"The leaves and kernel [seed pit] contain amygdalin.
Amygdalin is otherwise known as
the anti-cancer vitamin B17 or laetrile"

Some of the benefits of amygdalin and how it works
is mentioned on the following webpage:

Cluster of fruit Peter Holmes in THE JADE REMEDIES states that loquat leaf is a gastric sedative and antiemetic, and a respiratory sedative, antitussive and expectorant. In traditional Chinese medicine terms, Holmes writes that it works on the respiratory and digestive systems, and the lung and stomach channels. According to THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF HERBS by Demi Brown, loquat leaf is "a bitter, expectorant herb that controls coughing and vomiting; it is effective against bacterial and viral infections...internally for bronchitis, coughs with feverish colds, nausea, vomiting, hiccups, and persistent burping."

Loquat Leaf has been scientifically shown to have a large amount of incredible health benefits. Below are some uses for this natural herb that may surprise you.

Loquat Leaf Aids Mucous Membranes.   The extract of the Loquat leaf can be used in a variety of ways, In our Detox Foot Pads, the Organic Loquat Leaf extract will assist the body by acting as a mucolytic agent, which helps dissolve thick mucus that holds toxic compounds.

Loquat Leaf Releases Antioxidants. We know that Loquat leaf helps your body to release anti-oxidants, the wonderful anti-aging agents that your body naturally produces. Anti-oxidants have all kinds of benefits, especially the ability to neutralize harmful toxins. It is commonly used to prevent various diseases, increase immunity, and add life expectancy.

Loquat Leaf Combats Diabetes. One of the Organic Loquat leaf's most impressive abilities is that it helps combat diabetes. Loquat leaf produces a variety of chemicals called triterpenes, one of which is called tormentic acid. Tormentic acid has been shown to increase insulin production which may help to reduce diabetes. It has been approved by the Chinese government as an anti-diabetic agent because it produces a set of natural bodily chemicals known as polysaccharides, which also increase insulin production.

Loquat Leaf Supports the Pancreas. The only way to fight Diabetes is to either supplement the pancreas's production of insulin or to help the pancreas produce insulin by regenerating its cells. But we have strong evidence that Organic Loquat Leaf supports pancreatic cells, which increases the production of insulin, helping diabetics in a natural way. Diabetes is a debilitating, degenerative disease. Insulin treatment helps, but anything that can assist the pancreas is of great help.

Loquat Leaf Assists the Liver in Detoxifying Chemicals. The pancreas isn't the only bodily organ that Organic Loquat leaf helps. It also helps the liver. Loquat leaf contains a substance known as Amygdalin (B-17), and this substance is known to help combat liver disorders as well as supporting the livers ability to process and eliminate poisons in the body. It is somewhat controversial as to how effective Amygdalin is in the support of liver problems, but many believe that the controversy is due largely to excessively Western modes of thinking about health. Amygdalin, incidentally, is thought to have its benefits through anti-oxidation effects.

Loquat Leaf Fights Skin Inflammation. One of Loquat leaf's oldest reported benefits is the reduction of skin inflammation. And when Loquat leaf is used in topical cream, it can combat edema and histamine-induced skin contraction. In short, it helps the skin heal from inflammation of various kinds.5 Skin inflammation can often be painful and the soothing effect of Loquat leaf can be very beneficfial.

Loquat Leaf Aids in the Fight Against Skin Cancer. Another benefit of Loquat leaf that's getting much exploration is it's ability to fight skin cancer as well. One of the major drugs that is used to combat the side effects of chemotherapy is adriamycin; Loquat leaf is thought to help reduce the side effects of this drug. But what's most important is that Loquat leaf contains chemicals that can slow skin cancer. Loquat leaf has the unique ability to suppress cancer cells' ability to reproduce and grow. In this way, it can be a great asset to those with minor forms of skin cancer.

Loquat Leaf Fights A Variety of Viruses. Standard viruses are subject to the power of the Loquat Leaf. There is evidence that suggests that the Loquat leaf produces a variety of acids that have an anti-viral effect. These acids produce antigens, which are anti-viral agents. Two of these chemicals are called megastimane glycosides and polyphenolic constituents which are known to produce viral antigens. Further, the triterpene chemicals help to directly reduce rhinovirus infections (colds of various kinds).

Loquat Leaf May Even Help Fight HIV. It may sound too good to be true, but there is even evidence that Loquat leaf can have a mild suppressive effect on the HIV virus. This use is possible because of the acids present in this herb. One of these acids in organic Loquat leaf is the 2-alpha-hydoxyursolic acid, and it has the anti-HIV effect.

It takes about one hundred twenty (120) fresh-picked green loquat leaves
that measure about nine inches (9") long to make
one pound.

The main cost is for time and labor to go out and pick them; each individually selected.

Usually there is only one
“Grade A” loquat leaf among fifty loquat leaves on a tree.

There is about 10 to 20
“Grade B” loquat leaves among fifty loquat leaves on a tree.

P r i c e    p e r    P o u n d
1 to 4 Pounds 5 to 24 Pounds 25 or more lbs.
"Grade A" -- Fresh picked, fairly clean, very little blemishes
$53.50 $49.50 $45.50
"Grade B" -- Fresh, some dust, blemishes, holes, and tears
$42.25 $39.25 $36.25
"Grade C" -- Dusty, blemished, large holes, tears, some debris
$37.99 $33.99 $39.99
"Grade D" -- Fallen-dead, brown leaves, some dust & debris
$29.40 $27.40 $25.40
Partially Dried, Choice "Grade A" Leaves
  SPECIAL ORDER:   Allow one week unless in stock.
Mainly available for Deliveries that take more than THREE days but less than FIVE.

   The partially dried Leaves may be broken or split
because of the dryness and the need to be squashed
so as to fit into a box for delivery.
$89.00 $79.00 $69.00
Completely Dried, Choice "Grade A" Leaves
  SPECIAL ORDER:   Allow three weeks unless in stock.
Mainly available for Deliveries that take more than FIVE days

   The dried Leaves may be crumbly, broken, or split
because of the dryness and the need to be squashed
so as to fit into a box for delivery.
$115.00 $99.00 $95.00

The above costs for Loquat Leaves
do not include shipping and handling costs.

Leaves not dried or not partially dried, such as Grades A, B, and C,
are normally sent via
Priority Mail in big boxes.
Add the following amount that applies:
For requests 3 pounds or less,
add $23.50
4 pounds to 9 pounds,
add $49.50
10 pounds to 20 pounds,
add $73.50
For larger amounts, send email requesting S&H costs

Ask for costs for sending outside USA.

Leaves that are dried or partially dried
are normally sent via
Regular Mail or Parcel post
, unless Priority Mail is requested for an additonal cost.

Add the following amount that applies:
For requests 2 pounds or less,
add $16.50
3 pounds to 5 pounds,
add $18.50
6 pounds to 9 pounds,
add $24.50
10 pounds to 20 pounds,
add $32.50
For larger quantities, send email requesting S&H costs

Ask for costs for sending outside USA.

We have to use bigger boxes to contain the loquat leaves.
Bigger boxes increases the S&H costs.

Grades A, B, and C are freshly-picked leaves.
There are 2.2 pounds per kilogram.

The leaves will be sent out within 3 to 5 working days
upon receipt of payment unless,
some conflicting prority or emergency arises
or is listed as a SPECIAL ORDER.

When fresh-picked green leaves arrive,
immediately open the box and spread the leaves apart
so that they are not compacted and can dry.
Otherwise, rot, mildew, or spoiling may occur.

All of Our plants, leaves, and fruit are grown organically.
We do not use pesticides or fumagents.

If you want to receive Fresh-picked, "Grade A" loquat leaves
on a regular basis, here are some options:

Various Plans Available
Price S & H Total 1 month
4 month
1 year
5 year
Four (4) leaves each week
$7.50 $2.50 $10.00 $40.00 $150.00 $430.00 $2150.00
ten (10) leaves each week
$15.00 $4.50 $19.50 $78.00 $300.00 $870.00 $4300.00
Eight (8) leaves Bi-Weekly
$13.00 $3.50 $16.50 $33.00 $125.00 $350.00 $1700.00
Sixteen (16) leaves Monthly
$18.50 $6.50 $25.00 $25.00 $100.00 $280.00 $1300.00
Thirty-five (35) leaves Monthly
$32.00 $9.50 $41.50 $41.50 $160.00 $450.00 $2200.00
One Pound Every Month
$34.00 $15.50 $49.00 $49.00 $190.00 $550.00 $2700.00
Two (2) Pounds Bi-Monthly
$62.50 $17.50 $80.00 N.A. $160.00 $450.00 $2200.00

One month minimum required for any of the above programs
except where not applicable (N.A.).

We are flexible
We can work any plan you so choose,
even if it is not listed here.

Just let Us know your needs
and We will help design a program you are comfortable with.

There are three basic ways that one can consume the nutrients and benefits of loquat leaves. It is done pretty much the same way one makes regular tea.

1.   If the leaves are whole or large pieces, I put them in a pot of boiling water, bring to boil, boil for about 5 minutes or so, let sit for 5 minutes to half hour or so, stir, remove or strain out the leaves, and pour the liquid tea into a glass to drink out of and or a container for storage. Enjoy!

2.   If the leaves are broken up into small pieces, l put some of the broken up leaves in a small strainer, set it over a glass, and then pour hot water slowly over the leaves. Remove strainer and stir the liquid. The loquat leaf tea is now ready to drink or sip it not too hot. Enjoy!

3.   If the leaves are broken up into small pieces, l put some of the broken up leaves in an infuser, place infuser with leaves into a glass, pour hot or boiling water into glass, and then stir. It is now ready to drink unless too hot. Enjoy!

After the leaves are used, throw the leaves away and get more fresh leaves to make more. The leaves can be thrown into a compost pile.

If the resulting tea is too strong add more water.

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Prices subject to change without notice.
We reserve the right to refuse any request and or order.

Payment Information
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Cashier's check, Postal Money Orders.
We also accept
personal checks ,
but allow 15 working days to clear bank processing.

Make checks and money orders
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We no longer accept credit cards
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We do not have any packages sent out until payment is received in full.

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