Loquat Trees

Initial Stages of Growth


To improve growth, cover the soil near tree with compost and place mulch over the compost.  Water thoroughly initially but do not over water especially after tree becomes established. Do not allow standing stale water.


This is what can be expected, but not to be relied upon, assuming the tree is well taken care of:


First year:  Seed sprouts and grows 4 to 6 inches.

Second year:  Tree grows from 6 inches tall to about 1 foot tall or more.

Third year:  Tree may grow to 3' tall and may begin to spread branches.

Fourth year:  Tree may grow to 4' tall and possibly produce a second set of branches.

Fifth year:  Tree may grow to 5' tall with more branching.

Sixth year:  Tree may grow to 6' tall, becoming more rounded (bush-like)

Seventh year:  Tree may grow to 6.5' tall, have more branches, becoming wider, having some blooms, and may produce some fruit.

Eight year:  Tree may grow to 7' tall, becoming even wider with more blooms and will most likely produce some fruit.

Ninth year:  Tree may grow to 7.5 tall, having more blooms and producing even more fruit.

Tenth Year and beyond: the tree continues to grow, but more slowly, and will produce fruit more abundantly.


This is an average synopsis and may vary considerably depending on type of soil, climate, amount of shade or sun, available nutrients in soil, water (too much or too little), Ph, physical damage, leaf eating insects, herbicides and or insecticides used on the tree or plants nearby, climate zone, extreme temperatures (too high or too low), root space adequate or not adequate (root bound) for growth, etc.





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