Loquat Wood

Some large pieces for carving
and smaller pieces for smoking meat or fish

We can provide you with some really nice pieces of loquat wood. Some already have character or personality about them and others are plain. This dense, tight wood is excellent for carving and polishing. Has beautiful grains and patterns. Sizes and lengths vary from small, 1" diameter limbs on up to a 12" diameter trunk 37" long. The smaller, ligher ones can be sent via Priority Mail or Parcel Post. Payment can be made via PayPal for an additonal cost of 4% when ordered online only if it can be sent via the Post Office. The very large wood pieces are too heavy to send via a delivery service and will need to be picked up at Our location near Fresno, California; about 3.5 miles west of highway 99. We will provide a vicinity map when an appointment is setup. The prices vary from five dollars for a group of small limb pieces on up to 235 dollars for the large diameter trunk piece. Give Me some idea of what you are looking for and I will let you know what is available, the price, and if it can be sent via Post Office.

Here is a sketch of some of the larger pieces with dimensions:

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